We are experts in delivering innovative, efficient and value driven logistics solution to our customers.

ASF shipcare services is 100% local company comprises of individual with strong marine logistics background, having experience in various field with top managerial and operational post in previous organization.

About Us


ASF Shipcare Services Sdn Bhd (ASF) is the fastest growing marine services company based at Johor, Malaysia. We aim to become a leading shipcare company in Asia. We focus to support marine sector at East and West of Johor waters by offering bespoke services.

We are technically a global service organization which compromising of over 100 years of combined experiences on the management and staffs. Our primary focus is to serve ship and rig owners for better changes and meeting the market demands.

We offering dynamic force of staffs working round the clock to serve our customers. ASF strives to improve its services, beginning from our working cultures and delivering our promises to customers.

Mission & Vision

ASF strive to become the best shipcare operator in this region and providing our client with our expertise and reducing cost for our clients in challenging market conditions.

To become the most reliable and preferred marine services company in our region.

Why ASF?

ASF objective is to assist ship and rig owners in correct deactivation/ reactivation operation, protecting vital technical equipment and preserving the building structure. ASF aims to provide excellent service to our clients.

Main objective:

• One stop centre for marine services
• Competitive pricing
• Meet client demand and dateline
• Safe working environment


• Cost saving
• Location close to the world’s busiest port and popular trade routes
• Safe and secured anchorage area
• Fast lay-up deactivation/ reactivation